Wall St. Fever

Slot machine test: Wall St. fever

An eponymous film from the 1980s has ensured that the Wallstreet has got a certain coolness. In times of economic crises, the varnish is although not quite so fresh, but one thing is still clear: waiting for the big money on Wall Street. And you have to not even become the financial gamblers, to attend to. It alone is enough a game in the online casino and there is nothing better than the title Wall St. fever, was developed by Playtech and therefore your expectations may well rise. The game gives at least a vague idea of how it goes on the financial market. In addition to great prizes and bonus features, it is above all the jackpot that makes it so interesting Wall St. fever. This is also the reason why the slot not in fun mode can be played. But it is the use of one or the other may be worthwhile for you.

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Wall St. fever play online

So frantically it goes to, is usually on the stock exchange Wall St. fever actually pretty quiet, which is also on the number of lines. There are only five of these so-called paylines in the game, which can range from absolutely. As a balance to this low number, the multipliers of the symbols are relatively high and provides very good profits even at low motives. Of course it also depends your usage, because depending on which is higher, the greater your profits also may fail. In addition a high usage also leads to the chance to crack the Wall St. fever jackpot.

In the "winnings table" you can find all the information you need to play by Wall St. fever. However, since basically everything as well as by alone expires, you can also just get started. Profits are already automatically displayed and credited. This happens whenever a symbol in a multiple round was and in a number of forms, which runs parallel to a line. Most symbols can form rows between three and five fields, some are satisfied but with fewer symptoms. Your usage determines the amount of your winnings, which are calculated from the multipliers of symbols.

The slot game symbols in the Wall St. fever online slot

Wall St. fever loose flaky starts with the dollar sign, which is a good place to start. It is the smallest icon there. In the figure of money can be found, what just as much worth it. The two next symbols include more, including the Briefcase. In no case are missing phone and calculator may the tool of the stock trader, quasi. The advantage to that already two Felderchen lead to small Gewinnchen comes from these icons. Three more symbols are already real heavyweights, now the Briefcase, the stock exchange monitor, or the great Bull, which stands for rising prices on the stock exchange.

But not enough, because three more bonus symbols make really interesting Wall St. fever. Here are the two arrows that can each move and provide you with free games. But the Red course is nothing to sneeze at, because who can transport you to the bonus rounds and that means also bonus profits in any case. Wall St. fever logo none comes but so quickly that if you saw it on the jackpot, then the motif plays the major role. You play to the highest usage, the logo in a series of five to the slot games can lead you jackpot.

Slot machines instructions by Wall St. fever

It's almost like in real life: you have no expert to handle around on the stock exchange. Here you can simply enjoy the pleasure, a little motivation and off it can go with real. Even if it didn't should be the Wall St. fever jackpot, the normal symbols offer also their profits. Before you turn, you can change your coins bet, what affects your possible profits.

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